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Four collections of James Penha’s poems--

Stalking Celebrities
Sumatran Highways
Lessons From The Archepelago

--have been formatted by The Origami Poems Project on single pieces of paper to be folded, origami-style, into palm-size, micro-chapbooks downloadable for free from the OPP web site.

On the Back of the Dragon: Poems by James Penha by James Penha on Scribd

Winner of the 1992 Omega Cat Poetry Chapbook Competition, On the Back of the Dragon was James Penha's  first collection of lyric and narrative poems from exotic locales in Asia. Although the book is no longer in print, it remains available for reading and free downloading above thanks to Scribd.


Publisher: Pudding House: Ohio, 2001
ISBN: 1930755325 2001

The price of this book is $12.00 at Kattywompus Press.

A Review of James Penha: Greatest Hits 1975-2000
by Chris Mansel in mini-MAG

"It 's easy to shy away from reality. It is even easier to not write about it. It is unbelievably easy to just write about the mist outside your door and how it cuddles around the pepper plant outside your window. But even the pepper plant could be sinister. The mist? Should I even begin? This is the second in the series of Greatest Hits books I have reviewed from Pudding House Publications. The first by Shelia E. Murphy was brilliant.This edition by James Penha is just as startling. Anyone can say a book is a greatest hits. To prove yourself worthy is quite special. Before the poem September 1, 1914 The Last Passenger Pigeon Receives A Guest, Penha quotes W. H. Auden. The quote is as follows, "Ironic points of light flash out wherever the Just exchange their messages." In this book points of light spray their essence about wherever the just could read these messages. These messages are indeed the greatest hits."